Burnside, your road to custom looking retail displays.

If you are a small business owner who built a website you probably didn’t build it from scratch. You used a service like Squarespace, Wix, or maybe Shopify. Having templates to work with is not only easier. It can also save you both time and cost, while still giving you design flexibility to make it your own.

When it comes to retail displays, your answer is the Burnside fixture collection, designed and built by Grand + Benedicts. Burnside consists of a large number of retail displays (your templates), that you can customize to fit your needs. So how does this work?

Step 1: Start by laying out your store and selecting what components (templates) you need. If you need help with this, Grand + Benedicts provides design services.

Step 2: Add accessories such as hangbars, shelves, T-shirt boxes and more.

Step 3: Choose a color. While Burnside arrives in a metallic silver finish, you have the option to custom powder coat it to match your brand.

Step 4: Add sign holders and make your own graphics. This is where you can really take your displays to the next level. Hiring a graphic designer is money well spent, and for printing you can seek out a large format printer in your area. We provide templates for all Burnside sign holders and we suggest a 3mm Sintra as a substrate.

Step 5: Take customization even further with custom back panels. Now this is definitely going to give you a custom look. Here are some examples of what you can do.

To learn more about the Burnside fixture line, visit Burnsidedisplay.com.

Grand + Benedicts adds mobile retail and elevated rendering expertise to its design team

Building on an 8-year career producing mobile experiences for retail.

Meet our new Industrial Designer, Jorge Molina, who brings a unique background in graphic arts and designing mobile retail experiences. Jorge was born in Bogota, Colombia and we are thrilled he discovered Grand + Benedicts and joined our Portland design team.

Thriving on problem-solving, Jorge’s expertise is 3D renderings – an interest he acquired watching The Lord of the Rings trilogy.  

Before joining G+B, Jorge was the 3D Concept Artist for Ultimate Airstreams and the senior Graphic Designer for Airstream Adventures. His hobbies are making 3D art, hiking, and drawing. Jorge is always up for a challenge and where others might see obstacles, he sees opportunity.

 “When I encounter a challenge, I get excited because it’s my opportunity to use my creativity to find solutions. Problems are what pushes us to break the limits and go the extra mile. It’s an opportunity to shine.”

– Jorge Molina

Molina brings a unique background in graphic arts and designing mobile retail experiences.

Building on an 8-year career producing mobile experiences for retail, hospitality, hair salons, and more, Molina harnesses both his creativity and 3D design skills to produce state-of-the-art renderings.

We hope you get a chance to work with this savvy designer and exceedingly interesting guy!   

Michael is back!

Michael, a former G+B employee, used to work in our Seattle branch before we closed our Seattle showroom. This week, we are elated to have him back, now as a Sales Coordinator in our Portland showroom. Michael brings years of sales and store fixture experience as well as a great sense of humor. So, what brought Michael to move from Seattle to Portland, and why did he choose to return to G+B? Let’s find out!

Q: What made you move to Portland?

A: I grew up in eastern Oregon and Portland has always felt like my home. This will be my 4th time that I live here & I couldn’t be happier to be back! I evaluated several other cities but I just felt that Portland had so much more to offer.

Q: What did you do in-between working for G+B?

A: After the G+B branch in Seattle closed, I worked as a General Manager for an Australian start-up company called ANKO. Think tiny TARGET but IKEA prices. Unfortunately ANKO closed due to Covid, though they are still massively successful in Australia. 

Q: Why did you choose to come back to G+B?

A: It’s rare to find a company whose actions are in line with what they say they value. I feel that G+B’s very much do, and they create a great work environment for their teams. I’m so excited to be given the opportunity to come back.

Q: Where in Portland do you live?

A: Tanasbourne… An article once described it this way (and I’m paraphrasing) "A neighborhood full of amenities & no culture…". I can attest!

Q: What are you most excited about working for G+B?

A: The people. Working with a great team full of smiling, familiar faces & the occasional terrible joke from Randy Anderson.

As you might pick up, Michael clearly doesn’t mind a joke or two. Don’t be afraid to dish one out if you get the honor to work with him on your outfitting your store!

“Put your own ideas aside and think through the eyes of the client.” Meet our Industrial Designer, Saul Bravo.

Saul Bravo is the latest addition to our G+B Industrial design team. Starting with a degree in computer information systems and experience, Saul transitioned into design where he brings over 10 years of experience. He is an altruistic, optimistic individual with an insatiable curiosity in design, programming, and engineering. In his spare time, he likes to exercise and volunteer.

Before joining G+B, Saul had the privilege of working with top brands from Intel, OHSU, Tesla, eBay, and many others. He spent years honing his craft through a variety of opportunities, such as designing custom trailers. These experiences gave Saul even more design fluency as he continued to learn many aspects of design, from interior design, graphic design, UI design, and 3D design.

From designing custom trailers to retail environments, Saul is experienced in Solidworks, Catia, NX, Autodesk, Adobe programs, and various programming languages.

What Saul loves most about being an industrial designer is the ability to create something that didn’t exist before and bring a client’s dream to life. These creations take center stage for Saul, as he prefers a clean, accessory-free workspace with modern designs. This clean slate allows him space to fully focus on the design process. But let’s not forget, coffee!

A self-proclaimed minimalist, this design philosophy translates to Saul’s lifestyle, too. He is drawn to a clean and tidy lifestyle with a nod to Japanese culture. It is this minimalism that he believes improves his life and creativity. 

His humility and desire to serve shine through when he says, “Browse designs and understand why they are successful. What makes them stand out? Sometimes your designs may not need to stand out. Understanding why will lead your designs to be successful. Put your own ideas aside and think through the eyes of the client.”

Saul’s humble and collaborative approach coupled with his design expertise make him an excellent member of the G+B industrial design team. Maybe he will be working on your next project? Saul has also grown into the role of web developer at Grand + Benedicts and his many talents are highly appreciated.

From Sneeze Guards to Social distancing Graphics – Aids to Protect Employees and Shoppers During Covid-19

Adjustable Sneeze Guards used for manicures in nail salon.

Grand + Benedicts carries everything you need to adhere to physical distancing guidelines. Clear plexiglass shields are encouraged in front of cashiers and retailers are required to post signage to inform shoppers of social distancing.

We carry a large selection of sneeze guards and social distancing items to help you through these difficult times. Choose between portable sneeze guards, tool-free adhesive mounted sneeze guards, bolt-in sneeze guards and ceiling mounted sneeze guards.

Bolt-in/Hanging Sneeze Guard

Bolt-In Sneeze Guards can be used in two ways, bolt-in & hanging.

Install Bolt-In Sneeze Guards at checkout stands to create a protective shield between checkers and shoppers to reduce them to exposure to health hazards. This front-mounted Sneeze Guard mounts to the front of the checkout stand using bolts or can be hung from the ceiling. This sneeze gaurd is perfect for nail salons (pedicures), liquor stores, and when the counter needs to be clear due to large merchandise.

Portable Freestanding Sneeze Guards

Our Portable, Freestanding Countertop H-Unit sneeze guard is easy to move out of the way as needs change

Made from shatter-resistant plexiglass, sneeze guards provide a protective shield between checkers and customers. Use at any transaction window including grocery stores, hotels, universities, auto dealerships, dental offices, pharmacies, coffee shops, public offices, hospitals and more.

Model T-sneeze guards can be used for manicures or at any checkout window

Choose the Model-T Sneeze Guard for a more affordable option. This is our most popular version. Its 3-piece design, allows for a quick setup without tools or hardware.

Keeping customers safe with social distancing signs and floor vinyls.

We also carry social distancing floor graphics and sign holders of all sizes to let you communicate with shoppers. We offer crowd control posts, floor “Please Wait Here” queuing graphics, freestanding sign holders and more. Use in grocery stores, liquor stores, hardware stores, coffee shops, ticketing offices, public offices, zoos, museums, post offices, visitor centers, or at any transaction window where queuing occurs.

Use the crowd control belt stanchions to direct shoppers and visitors in your store or in any place where queuing occurs. This crowd control post has grown popular to use during the Coronavirus as a queuing barrier and social distancing tool. 

How Timbr and Moss gave stock store fixtures a custom look

When Oregon based business Timbr and Moss wanted to use G+B store fixtures in their first brick and mortar store, we were thrilled. Their deft branding (a tree logo), and their handcrafted wood designs, have really taken off here in the Pacific Northwest. You can quickly see why!

 A stock 3-tier rolling display table looks custom with the addition of wooden baskets and a branded sign in front.

It should come as no surprise that they brought the same passion and creativity to merchandising their store as they do to their own pieces.

G+B nesting display tables lend structure, while a custom bench by Matt adds warmth.

To showcase the beauty of their reclaimed wood pieces, they combined stock displays with custom wood furniture built by the owner to create a store experience that would best reflect their brand and products.

Our Burnside 4-way rack in metallic silver lends an industrial vibe.

Matt from Timbr and Moss was fantastic to work with and we were all energized by his creativity and love for the region.

Matt actually grew up nearby in Canby, Oregon and always had a passion for working with his hands. He began building things and learning master woodworking at a young age before going to school for architecture in Western Oregon University.

Handcrafted artwork is showcased on our triangle gridwall display

Like most college grads, Matt ended up in a job that was not well suited to his passion to give old wood new life and a second story.

So, he started a side business to offer his designs and it continued to grow in popularity, giving him hope that he could eventually make a living doing what he loved.

When Portland’s Street of Dreams, an annual showcase of luxury homes, asked to use his products in their homes, a huge increase in demand allowed him to fully commit to his future with Timbr and Moss.

Elevated table top mannequins greet you as you enter the store

Now, his first store is open in Bridgeport Village in Portland, Oregon, where you can bring home one of Timbr and Moss’s unique reclaimed state boards or other handcrafted products and see a store that perfectly showcases the flexibility and functionality of stock fixtures mixed with custom fixtures to create a one-of-a-kind look.

Big thanks to Matt at Timbr and Moss for giving us the opportunity to work together on a project that we all enjoyed.

You can learn more about Timbr and Moss here and see more details on our Burnside designs here.

Customers see themselves in the products with these Burnside metallic silver mirrors.

Born To Design: Introducing Our New Industrial Designer, Siobhan Mead

Siobhan Mead has joined the G+B team as our new Industrial Designer. Growing up with an Interior Designer in the family, she seemed destined for a future in design. Later, she studied industrial design, furniture design and multimedia at the University of Oregon where she designed a creative bike lock solution for a mock startup. After college, Siobhan continued creating as a freelance product and graphic designer before finding her way to Grand + Benedicts. She kindly took some time to share why she is passionate about industrial design, the big goal she hopes to accomplish before turning 35, and what city inspires her designs the most.

What do you like about industrial design?

Working with functional solvable problems while still exercising my artistic and creative skills. I have always loved working with my hands from sewing to building paper sculptures so it was a natural draw when I realized it was something I could get paid to do.

What inspired you to pursue a career in design?

My mom is an interior designer and I have always been surrounded by it without even acknowledging it. So, it felt comforting and natural to dive in headfirst. I have many memories of times when we would study objects and furniture that my mom had in our home growing up and I would get all excited.

What are your sources of design inspiration?

Often I draw from things I love to research and study in my personal life such as fashion, cooking, architecture, and interiors. It is all situation based though. I approach every project with a sense of individuality because I feel strongly that not only design projects, but also people, relationships and more deserve that.

What Netflix shows are you binging?

I am more of an HBO girl myself – Just started a Sopranos watch party at my house, we will see how it goes, I’m on the fence as of now.

What place have you visited that sparked the most design inspiration?

I studied abroad in Copenhagen and the program was incredible and gave SO much information on the design culture, history and future of Scandinavia and its context to the world.

What vacation spot is on your bucket list?

Beirut, my great-grandfather was a Lebanese actor and I want to find one of his movies somewhere in the city archives.

What’s your favorite mind-clearing activity?

Cleaning! All the way.

What is a big goal you’d like to achieve?

I worked as a handy woman fixing homes and that gave me the goal to build my first house by the time I am 35.


Thank you, Siobhan! You are a great addition to the team and we look forward to seeing the incredible, innovative industrial design solutions you create for our clients.

How to get Smarter Wire Shelving for Less

Wire Shelving is a popular, multi-tasker in the retail industry. Available in black and chrome, its classy look not only makes it a hot shelving system for displaying merchandise in the showroom, its utility also makes it a great for storing excess goods in the backroom. From displaying kitchenware, wine bottles and sporting goods retailers enjoy how it ships flat and assembles “more or less” without tools (well, a rubber mallet wouldn’t hurt). The only downside of wire shelving is that it’s a pickle to adjust a shelf when selling demands change. Yikes!…But hey, we found a solution for that! Now you can enjoy the added flexibility with our new “Quick-Adjust” Wire Shelving technology. Read on….

What in the world is Quick-Adjust? 

The Quick-Adjust feature uses slotted posts and brackets allowing for quick shelf adjustments when selling seasons change. It’s time to say goodbye to taking the entire shelving unit apart to move a shelf! To adjust a shelf, simply move the brackets…and voilà! 

Can I still get the Traditional Wire Shelves?

We still carry the Traditional Wire Shelving Shelves. For increased stability, we recommend that you use Traditional Shelves at the top and bottom of your shelving unit, and Quick-Adjust Shelves in the middle. Build your own configuration by using our large selection of posts, shelves, and accessories readily available for immediate shipping. The icing on the cake is that we just lowered our prices on all wire shelving. Go to grand-benedicts.com and order yours today.

The Winning Design From the 2019 PAVE Student Design Competition!

The PAVE Student Design Competition this year was a showstopper! We absolutely loved teaming up with such talented design students and working with our friends at The Container Store to bring this college-inspired design to life.

PAVE Student Competition Pop-up 1

What is PAVE’s GlobalShop Student Design Challenge?

The PAVE Student Design Challenge showcases the winning designs created by passionate student designers from a variety of colleges, including: Bellevue College, Appalachian State University, University of Minnesota, and Fashion Institute of Technology.

PAVE does a wonderful job of bringing together the best student design talent with store fixture manufacturers like us, and retail brand clients, such as The Container Store.

PAVE Student Competition Pop-up 2

How Does The Design Challenge Work?

The clients present real-life design problems to the students who work hard to design solutions that address these problems in an attractive way! From their finished work, the best designs are chosen to be built by store fixture manufacturers and are unveiled at a prominent exhibit at the GlobalShop trade show in Chicago.

The student designers of the winning entries are also flown out to the Globalshop, Chicago, to proudly present their work in person.

PAVE Student Competition Pop-up 3 Winners

About The Winning Design:

We are thrilled to have brought to life the winning Container Store design that was designed by a student at Appalachian State University.

In addition to selling products, this design will let The Container Store merchandise in a way that will inspire college students with ideas to stay organized, optimize their small living spaces, and infuse their dorms with color and personality!

PAVE Student Competition Pop-up 4

For this innovative pop-up shop, we used MDF, Birch Veneer and Plywood Edge Banding to create an affordable, functional, and appealing design we were all happy with.

We look forward to seeing how The Container Store uses this design during move-in week for college campuses.

The Value of the PAVE Project:

PAVE Student Competition Pop-up 5

We enjoy participating in opportunities such as the PAVE Project, where we can support talented student designers as they learn what it is like to compete for work and receive design critique in a real world design scenario.

Plus, winning students experience the thrill of having their work brought to life and get invaluable networking opportunities with the top design firms. In fact, many participating students receive internships and other job opportunities! As manufacturers, we enjoy giving back to the design community and supporting the learning development for students.

PAVE Student Competition Pop-up 6

Thank you to everyone who participated and good luck to all of the student designers and participants.

The Burnside Collection in Cactus Sports

For Sun Devil fans, the Cactus Sports store is the go to place for all the latest Arizona State University merchandise. The Burnside fixture line was used to revamp their retail space with new displays comprised of both wall and floor fixtures. The new displays allowed them to maximize the floor space while giving the store a sleek, updated look. 


Squeezing a large amount of merchandise into a small space required maximum utilization of all the walls.



Combining both faceouts and shelves, sports apparel and paraphernalia were cross-merchandised beautifully.



The brick and natural wood provided an attractive backdrop to the metallic silver Burnside Displays.



Gondola Merchandisers and 4-Way Racks created space for both folded and hanging apparel.

Burnside is a full line of displays that include a wall system, racks, gondola merchandisers, and nesting tables. It’s available in stock at Grand + Benedicts Store Fixtures.